JSP4/2 (4" PUMP)
Identification Code
eg: JSP4/2-6(S)
JSP: Pump Name
4 : Well dia 4"
2 : Capacity(m3/h)
6 : Impellers Number
S : Single Phase

Applications :
For water supply from wells or reservoirs.
For domestic use, for civil and industrial applications.
for garden use and irrigation.

Operating conditions :
Maximum fluid temperature up to +50 C
Maximum sand content:0.25%
Maximum immersion depth: 80m.
Minimum well diameter:4

Motor :
Rewind able motor
Full obturated screen motor
Three-phase: 380V-415V/50Hz
Single-phase: 220V-240V/50Hz
Equip with special start-up control box

Internal diameter of outlet:
1.25 1.5

Special features available
Other voltages.
Frequency 60Hz.
Other mechanical seal.
Equip with Auto-control box.

Warranty:2 year
(according to our general sales conditions).

1,Delivery casing: AISI304ss or AISI316ss
2,Check valve:AISI304ss or AISI316ss
3,Suction lantern: AISI304ss or AISI316ss
4,Diffuser: AISI304ss or AISI316ss
5, Impeller : AISI304ss or AISI316ss
6, Shaft : AISI316ss or AISI304ss
7,Shaft coupling: AISI316ss or AISI304ss
8,Wear ring: Rubber
9,Motor external casing: AISI304ss
10,Top cover: Cast-iron G20 UNI5007 or AISI304ss
11,Bottom support: Cast-iron G20 UNI5007 or AISI304ss
12,Mechanical seal: NBR or Carbon -SIC/TC
13,Shaft: AISI304ss-C1045
14:Thrust Bearing : NSK (Japan) or Ceramic/Carbon
15:Radial Bearing : NSK (Japan) or Ceramic/TC

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