Feature: (CHLF/CHLT horizontal multistage stainless steel centrifugal pump series)

Pump CHLF/CHLT series is segmental multistage stainless steel pump; the liquid part is made of SUS304,. Under processing of advanced welding equipment, heat treatment, the stress caused by end-cut plate in tension and press forming is eliminated to make in high strength, no deformation, long life, safe and reliable usage; Applied mechanical seal type ensure watertight in long-time continuous operation. The material of frame is aluminum; it is under
low-noise and less-vibration and durability. Insulation class F, protection IPX55, continuous duty; Single-phase with thermal protector from T1 to
ensure safety and convenience.

It`s widely used to convey industrial liquid: such as mineral water soft water pure water light oil, circulation and boosting for other weak chemical liquid.
1.Water treatment
2.Industrial cleaner and dishwasher
3.Pressure boosting for the water on processing line,garden sprinkler
4.Heating and cooling for the water on industrial process-ing line
5.Air-conditioning system
6.Air freshening, moistening equipment (soft water)
7.Water supply and boosting(drinking water weak chlorine water)
8.Fertilization/metering system

Working conditions:
Thin, clean, non-flammable and non-explosive liquid containing no solid granules and fibers;Liquid temperature:
Standard model-20C~70C;
Hotwater less than 105C;
Max. environmental temperature: +50C;
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
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