1. Main character and application:
With the advanced sensing technology and the microcomputer control technology, this series fill automatic water pump features automatic control function and automatic protection function in time of breakdowns. It enjoys the character of simple and reliable operation, long service life and is widely used for application in daily life, pumping from well,pressurized tap water or irrigation for garden or kaleyard and hotels or production with water requirement, or any occasions to carry out automatic pressurizing and controlling for insufficient hydraulic pressure.

2. Main technical data:
Ambient temperature: 5 - 40 C
Medium temperature: 2 - 40 C

3. Main function:
Automatic operation and control when electrified
Display mode in LED indicator
Starting pressure adjustable from 1-3bar according to requirements by setting resolution of 0.1bar
Function of automatic reset, manual reset and automatic stop
Function of under voltage protection, over voltage protection, overload protection, water shortage protection and leakage protection.

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